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Artist: Julian Cole

                9/07/26 - 2/3/16

Fine art - Pigmented Ink on Canvas  

      Limited Editions of 250

Fine Art - Pigmented Ink on Paper - These will not be signed and are

       not part of the limited edition.
Through the heirs of Julian Cole, the artwork will be sold with his signature and number of edition printed on each limited edition piece.   All artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity, stating the fact. Some of the original pieces of art are still available, signed by the artist. 
Each piece is priced depending on size and medium, ranging from $175 - $2500.
Sizes: 11" x 14" thru 40" x 80".  Larger & custom sized pieces will be quoted upon request.  Please contact us for more information.

Design Interiors is the Sole Agent for Julian Cole.

 Contact: Kelly Roberts   615 497-7695


Julian Cole Photographic Art

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